Boulder Farms Townhomes

2022 MultiFamily Low-RiseWinner Project Statistics Location: Johnston, Rhode IslandType: TownhomesSize: Approx. 290,000 sq. ft.ICF Use: 245,412 sq....

30 University Crescent

2022 MultiFamily1st Runner-Up(People’s Choice Winner) Donuts may have had something to do with ICF being selected for this MultiFamily 1st Runner Up...

Spinieo Residence

2022 Unlimited Residential1st Runner-Up Project Statistics Location: Chalfont, PennsylvaniaType: ResidenceSize: 14,800 sq. ft. ICF Use: 24,000 sq....

YouTube Videos Are Imperfect, Under-Appreciated ICF Educational Gems

My Chevy Tahoe is getting a little age on it. On the freeway not long ago smoke suddenly started pouring through the vents and I thought I was on...

St. Martin de Porres

2022 Heavy Commercial1st Runner-Up Project Statistics Location: Prosper, TexasType: ChurchSize: 40,000 sq. ft. ICF Use: 25,000 sq. ft. Total...

Te Toka

2022 Unlimited ResidentialWinner Once in a while, a home comes along that has a remarkable set of qualities and characteristics. Te Toka is one of...

Two On 1st Terraced Townhomes

2022 MultiFamily Low-Rise2nd Runner-Up(People’s Choice Winner) Project Statistics  Location: Scottsdale, ArizonaType: Duplex custom homesSize:...

Burton House

2022 Small Residential1st Runner-Up(People’s Choice Winner) The Burton House in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada, maximized an addition to the existing...

Shop Building & Garage

2022 Specialty Project1st Runner-Up Project Statistics  Location: Clarkesville, GeorgiaType: Wood shop, storage, truck garageSize: 1,200 sq. ft. ICF...

HowTo: Grow Your Business

Mike Schwab giving instruction at the Roy Junior High School job site in Roy, Utah. The last couple of years have been challenging for contractors,...

White Residence

2022 Small ResidentialWinner The two homeowners in Warwick, Rhode Island, William White and Jane Levesque, were also the builders on this project....

Bracebridge Pool

2022 Pools Winner(People’s Choice Winner)Project Statistics  Location: Bracebridge, Ontario, CanadaType: Residential poolSize: 648 sq. ft. ICF Use:...

ICF Builder Magazine is the information source for contractors, architects, and others involved with the insulating concrete form industry.  It’s the only full-color trade magazine devoted to the industry, with project profiles, how-to articles, house plans, and product reviews.

Insulating Concrete Forms are the future of the building industry.  Popular for both residential and commercial ICF construction, ICFs create homes and businesses that are energy-efficient, fire-resistant, sound-proof, and durable.  Properly constructed, they are tornado and hurricane-proof, and stand up to earthquake, fire, and other natural disasters equally well.  Many homes conserve energy so well that heating and cooling costs are reduced by 50-70 percent.

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“If you manufacture or market a product for the insulating concrete forms industry, you simply will not find a more efficient, effective way to reach your audience.”

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“If you manufacture or market a product for the insulating concrete forms industry, you simply will not find a more efficient, effective way to reach your audience.”

2022 Builder Award Winners

The winners of the 2022 ICF Builder Awards were announced at the World of Concrete  on January 19, 2022.  The annual project-of-the-year competition is widely regarded as the biggest event in the ICF industry, and the best opportunity to celebrate the advances that have been made in recent years.


Every year, ICF Builder publishes an ICF comparison chart in the January/February issue. As in past years, this will also include comparisons of EPS decking systems and non-traditional stay-in-place forming systems.


Anyone in the profession of construction who works with ICFs or who wants to know more about ICFs will want to hold on to this annual ICF Product Directory.

ICFs are made from lightweight EPS foam, commonly called Styrofoam.  The hollow blocks are stacked like Legos to form the exterior walls of a structure.  When complete, the interior of the wall is filled with steel-reinforced concrete to create an incredibly strong and energy efficient home or commercial building.
Insulated concrete forms are growing an estimated 20% a year, and are considered a Green Building material that can contribute significant points to LEED accreditation.

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