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Fuente Cigar Warehouse

2018 Light Commercial Winner As the name suggests, this building is a warehousing and shipping facility for Arturo Fuente Cigars. The company was founded in the Tampa area in 1912, and in the past few decades has grown to be one of the most popular premium cigar...

The Toronto

  2018 Small Residential Best In Class   The Toronto sets a high bar for ICF construction. Built as a developer's first ICF project in difficult winter conditions, it demonstrates that innovative builders can increase profits and customer satisfaction while creating...

River House

  2018 Small Residential 2nd Runner-Up   River House is a beautiful single family home located on the banks of the Mississippi River about 100 miles downstream of St. Louis, Missouri. It was designed and built by Ivan and Sue Griffin, who despite having no previous...

Corn Mill Farm

  2018 SPECIALTY PROJECT BEST IN CLASS   Corn Mill Farm is a striking example of how the many features of ICF—energy efficiency, strength, ease of use, and design flexibility—can simplify even the most complex project. This project, located in the country-side of West...

Otten House

2018 Large Residential 1st Runner Up The Otten House, located just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, appears to be an average family home. In reality, the Otten House is a net zero home, engineered to seamlessly blend proven, old-school technologies with...

Emerald City

2018 Large Residential Winner One of the more unique green homes is Emerald City and its attached guest house, which is located outside the Colorado ski resort town of Steamboat Springs. Mark Mueller, the homeowner, not only did the design work himself, but also...

Oak Hills Church

2018 Heavy Commercial Finalist The new Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, is a blend of contemporary and traditional Hill Country designs. Begun in August of 2015, the project consisted of a remodel of the existing 115,000-sq.-ft. facility and construction of a...

Rancho Sienna Elementary School

  2018 Heavy Commercial (Education) 1st Runner-Up   Project Statistics Location: Georgetown, Texas Type: Elementary School Size: 118,000 sq. ft. (floor) ICF Use: 175,000 sq. ft. Cost: $24.8 million Total Construction: 60 weeks ICF Installation Time: 155 days  ...

Douglass High School

  2018 Heavy Commercial (Education) Best in Class   Project Statistics Location: Lexington, Kentucky Type: High School Size: 287,125 sq. ft. (floor) ICF Use: 100,000 sq. ft. Cost: $63 million Total Construction: 104 weeks ICF Installation Time: 150 days   Construction...

Otten House

  2018 Large Residential 1st Runner-Up   Project Statistics Location: Caseyville, Illinois Type: Private Residence Size: 5,656 sq. ft. (floor) ICF Use: 6,703 sq. ft. Cost: $883,000 Total Construction: 40 weeks ICF Installation Time: 9 days  Construction Team Owner:...

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