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An ICF House Proves Its Strength 
Terri Jean Smith’s house right on the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama has withstood three major hurricanes since it was built in 2003, with no damage.

ICF Construction Mitigates Building & Operating Costs
An engineer refutes the dominant narrative that ICF construction is expensive. With the current price levels and availability challenges, there is a strong argument that ICF construction is the less expensive building method.

A Case Study on How Insulated Concrete Forms Can Prevent Structure Loss During Wildfires
Charles Ackley wrote this paper in 2020 as a senior in Construction Management in California, to understand how ICFs’ thermal insulating and non-combustible properties work to protect structures from wildfires.

Adjusting to Increasing Natural Disasters
Building codes need to change. Money needs to be spent in a more organized way. And people need to build with less wood.

The Benefits of Panelization
Contractors have figured out that prefabbing an ICF wall through panelization instead of building onsite solves some problems and lets them build much faster.

Carlyle Fire Hall Project Profile
The city of Carlyle in far southeastern Saskatchewan has a new fire hall that is a training center and sets the standard for surrounding communities. They needed a new fire hall that was more modern, larger, and functional for years to come.

Cinépolis La Costa Town Center Project Profile
ICF construction proved to be the perfect building material for this movie theater built on a small lot with other architectural challenges. The owners were so happy with the results on this high-end cinema complex that they are planning for more ICF builds.



September/October 2021 News

Entries are now being accepted for the annual ICF Builder Awards. The entry form is available on the website,, under the Builder Awards tab. The deadline to return entry forms is October 15, 2021. Construction team members are encouraged to submit...

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Benefits of Panelization

Benefits of Panelization

Photos courtesy of Rhino FormJoey Hughes is a big thinker. He realized that he could build ICF homes faster and better by implementing panelization. Hughes rented a 7,500-square-foot warehouse in the Spokane Valley in Washington, where he's able to produce enough...

Adjusting to Increasing Natural Disasters

Adjusting to Increasing Natural Disasters

The increase in natural and climate-related disasters has caused a record number of expenditures related to repairs. In January 2021, NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) released a report that stated natural disasters cost the U.S. a record $22...

ICF Construction Mitigates Building & Operating Costs

ICF Construction Mitigates Building & Operating Costs

Example of non-combustible full building envelope with ICF walls and iSpan floors and roof. A typical ICF basement, already poured. Having been involved with ICF construction for around 17 years, and in that time having been involved with more than 130 ICF projects,...

An ICF House Proves Its Strength Over Decades

An ICF House Proves Its Strength Over Decades

Terri Jean Smith, a resident of Fort Morgan, Alabama, on the top of a tiny peninsula in Mobile Bay, wrote me in early September 2020 seeking any advice I might have to aid in her quest to have her roof certified as a Fortified Roof. In Alabama and many other states,...

Select the Right ICF Concrete Core Size

Select the Right ICF Concrete Core Size

A majority of ICF companies provide forms with concrete core sizes at 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. The range allows for different applications and engineering design criteria. The structural advantage of reinforced concrete design allows for thinner walls than those...

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