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Project Statistics

Location: Logan, Utah
Type: School
Size: 55,400 sq. ft.
ICF Use: 35,808 sq. ft.
Cost: $16.7 million
Total Construction: 87 weeks
ICF Installation Time: 150 days

Construction Team

Owner/Developer: Logan City School District
General Contractor: DWA Construction
ICF Installer: IMS Masonry
Architect: Design West Architects
Mason Contractor: Hunsaker Exteriors
ICF System: Fox Blocks

Fast Facts

  • Thin brick used as an exterior finish
  • School is used year-round
  • Cooled by water from irrigation canal
  • Design West Architects’s founder designed the original Ellis School in 1893
  • Basement of the school, which has storage and mechanical systems, is a bentonite boat


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