2022 Specialty Project
1st Runner-Up

Project Statistics 

Location: Clarkesville, Georgia
Type: Wood shop, storage, truck garage
Size: 1,200 sq. ft. 
ICF Use: 1,320 sq. ft. 
Cost: $66,352 
Total Construction: 24 weeks of weekends
ICF Installation Time: 2 1/2 days


Construction Team 

Owner/Developer: DC Mangimelli
General Contractor: DC Mangimelli
ICF Installer: DC Mangimelli
Form Distributor: Fox Blocks
Architects: Contour Drafting & Design
ICF System: Fox Blocks


Fast Facts 

Mini-split unit handles all heating/cooling 
Work area for woodworking, crafts, home/auto & repairs
Aesthetically pleasing building matches finishes of current homestead
Project used Truegrid pavers 
Average monthly electricity bill of $31.80 
Second floor is 100% storage space 


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