2022 Heavy Commercial
(People’s Choice Winner)

Project Statistics 

Location: Saco, Maine
Type: Lab/office addition & renovation
Size: 49,695 sq. ft. 
ICF Use: 21,000 sq. ft. 
Cost: $17.151 million
Total Construction: 56 weeks
ICF Installation Time: 87 days

Construction Team 

Owner/Developer: Maine Molecular Quality Controls Inc.
General Contractor: Consigli Construction Co. 
Construction Manager: Consigli Construction Co. 
ICF Installer: Consigli Construction Co. 
Form Distributor: Amvic
Architect: SMRT
ICF System: Amvic
Rebar Supply: HarMac Rebar & Steel
Steel Supply: Trimax

Fast Facts 

  • 34,200 sq. ft. lab/facility expansion 
  • Approximately 4,600 man hours 
  • Several 36-ft. tall free-standing exterior walls 
  • Used 2,500 ICF blocks and 26 concrete placements
  • Use of ICF saved 24 days of construction
  • First ICF project built with Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) 


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