2024 Large Residential
2nd Runner Up

Project Statistics

Location: San Anselmo, California
Type: Residence
Size: 3,420 sq. ft.
ICF Use: 11,724 sq. ft.
Cost: $2.2 million
Total Construction: 48 weeks
ICF Installation Time: 89 days

Construction Team

Owner/Developer: Dan Schoenfeld
General Contractor: Olenka Builders
ICF Installer: Swensson Construction
Form Distributor: California ICF
Architect/Consultant: Nicholas Nikiforuk
Engineer: DG Engineering
Other Team Member: Thomas Neece
ICF System: IntegraSpec

Fast Facts

  • Entire building is ICF material
  • Concrete roof structure used ICF gables and EPS geofoam to create concrete dormers
  • Concrete ICF stairs, inside and out
  • Area under the stair porch created a wine cellar
  • Concrete roof creates vaulted cathedral ceilings
  • Net zero


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