2022 Education

Everette Williams Elementary School

Wolf Ranch Elementary School

Santa Rita Elementary School

Project Statistics 

Location: Georgetown & Liberty Hill, Texas
Type: Education
Size: 354,540 sq. ft. combined
ICF Use: 253,975 sq. ft. combined 
Cost: $87.2 million combined
Total Construction: 60 weeks for all projects
ICF Installation Time: 102-115 days

Construction Team 

Owner/Developer: Georgetown ISD & Liberty Hill ISD
General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
ICF Installer: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
Form Distributor: Fox Blocks
Architect: Huckabee
ICF System: Fox Blocks

Fast Facts 

  • All three are within 30 miles of each other
  • All three schools were built concurrently
  • All schools were self-performed by GC
  • Everette Williams & Wolf Ranch are prototype schools 
  • Georgetown ISD is in design on an ICF middle school  
  • All were completed on time and on budget
  • Santa Rita was completed ahead of schedule and saved $200,000
  • Construction was led by GC’s youngest Project Superintendent
  • Liberty Hill ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in Central Texas


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