2009 Light Commercial
2nd Runner-Up

Building a new facility for one of the oldest Boys & Girls Club in the nation—it was one of the first fifty, established in 1903—was no easy task. Plans called for an ambitious number of tall walls and tight radius walls, including one that had to be suspended over the main entrance.

The design was optimized to minimize block cutting and waste, but the builders still had to overcome challenging site conditions, including an ICF install that took place during a brutal New York winter. 

Situated on a main thoroughfare, the eye-catching building is now a cornerstone for the redevelopment project in the neighborhood. Most importantly, the kids have a safe, energy-efficient, long-lasting gathering place. 

Project Statistics

Location: Binghamton, NY
Type: Community Recreation Center
Size: 20,500 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use: 12,200 sq. ft. (exterior walls) 
Height: ICF walls to 30 feet high with no intermediate floors
Total Construction: 390 days
ICF Start-to-Finish Time: 120 days


Construction Team

Owner: Boys and Girls Club
Architect: Keystone Associates
General Contractor: Andrew Mancini Associates
ICF Installer: Cotton’s Concrete Construction
ICF Distributor: OGGI Concrete Forms, & Accessories
ICF System: Logix ICF


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