2005 Large Residential
2nd Runner-Up

“This home is a great blend of luxury and sustainability,” the entry notebook states, and our judges agreed. 

They also liked the architecture. “Very creative, unique home – nice use of stucco/stone and standing seam roof,” writes one judge. “Great mix of clean lines and warm wood tones,” writes another. 

Underneath the luxurious appearance, however, lies one of the most eco-friendly projects submitted to this year’s contest. Despite having 18-foot ceilings and 3,500 sq. ft., electrical bills in the heat of the Texas summer barely reach $117.

“The residence is a state-of-the-art demonstration of sustainable technology,” says Matt McCoy, builder of the house. In addition to ICF walls, the owner installed high-performance windows, a radiant roof barrier, and energy-star appliances throughout the house. Outside, sustainable elements include the pervious concrete driveway, fence made from painted rebar, and a rainwater collection system to reduce water consumption.

“If we are going to use tax dollars to build residential structures, it only makes sense that we make them as long-lasting and energy-efficient as possible. Not to mention the comfort and safety of the individuals and families,” says McCoy. “It is a win-win situation all the way around.” 

Project Statistics 

Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Size: 3,500 sq. ft. (of ICF Walls)    
Cost: Not Disclosed 
Duration: 8 months 
Date Completed: Feb. 2004

Construction Team 

Architect: Living Architecture/WSM
Engineer: Pat Caballero
General Contractor: South River Construction
ICF Installer: South River Construction

Fast Facts 

ICF Block: Arxx Building System
Wall Bracing: Arxx Bracing
Window/Door Blockouts: Arxx V-Block
Ledgers/Joists: McCoy’s Building Supply
Exterior Finishes: Rock and Stucco
Heating and Cooling: Bryant Heating and Cooling


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