2019 Multifamily 

Project Statistics 

Location: Richmond, Kentucky 
Type: Five-Story Student Dormitory 
Size: 199,480 sq. ft. (floor) 
ICF Use: 90,850 sq. ft. 
Cost: $32 million 
Total Construction: 74 weeks 
ICF Installation Time: 75 days 

Construction Team 

Owner: Eastern Kentucky University 
General Contractor: D.W. Wilburn 
ICF Installer: Olympic Construction 
Form Distributor: Nudura 
Architect: EOP Architects 
Engineer: Brown + Kubican, PSC 
ICF System: Nudura 

Fast Facts

Built at Eastern Kentucky University
Bid as Design/Build with Lease Back Provision
Five Stories with Precast Plank Floors
Publicity from NRMCA and Education Associations

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  1. Alan

    Another great project using NUDURA, speed, quality efficiency and economic to run


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