ICF Supplier Nominated for NAHB Supplier of the Year

Trevor Brown, a columnist for this magazine, a podcast host, and ICF supplier, was a finalist for Associate/Supplier of the Year at the National Association of Homebuilders Nationals Event on March 21 at Caesars Palace. Brown advanced to become 1 of 3 finalists out of approximately 75,000 Associates in the NAHB. A win for Trevor would have meant the first winner from Idaho and the first ICF industry winner. The nomination was based upon his efforts and contributions to the building industry and the association as well as his efforts promoting and distributing ICF. While ultimately the winner was Judy Dinelle, a building ambassador for 84 Lumber in Asheville, North Carolina, it is heartening to know that the ICF industry is growing to a point where the NAHB is recognizing the efforts of an ICF advocate alongside traditional building methods. https://www.nahb.org

Logix Launches Element ICF

The EPS plants that own Logix Brands have been at the forefront of the North American ICF industry since its early days. The company introduced Blue Maxx in 1994 and Logix ICF in 2002. Now they have announced the launch of Element ICF. Element ICF has features that ICF builders are used to along with features that no other ICF has. This simplified and beautifully packaged ICF can be manufactured at scale. Some advantages are that the block has horizontal cut lines every 4 inches along with 1-inch vertical cut lines. No grooves cut into the interior wall maximizes R-value. Rugged rebar holders allow a single crew member to install longer rebar lengths. Blocks have a 4-way reversible interlocking system, with no top, bottom, front, or back. Painstakingly crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, Element is the first ICF designed with the needs of the builder, dealer, and manufacturer all top of mind. Element accomplishes six construction steps and provides four building science control layers in a single, simple step. Element is available in preformed standard blocks, standard panels, taper top panels, 90-degree corner blocks, 90-degree corner panels, and brick ledge panels. Also available are Flexties, Pro Buck panels, XRV panels, and height adjusters. www.elementicf.com