2018 Small Residential
1st Runner-Up

Project Statistics

Location: Verdi, California
Type: Private Residence
Size:  2,150 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use: 8,024 sq. ft.
Cost: $850,000
Total Construction: 60 weeks
ICF Installation Time: 54 days

Construction Team

Owner + General Contractor: Bob Krone
ICF Installer: Swensson Construction
Form Distributor: IntegraSpec
Architect: Joan Blumenfeld/Robert Krone
ICF System: IntegraSpec


Fast Facts

Entire building envelope constructed with ICF materials
Passive geothermal and solar
Exceeds Net Zero requirements
Monolithic wall and floor pours
Walls poured in one lift


  1. Ricky Bass

    The roof is concrete? How many sq ft is the roof? How do you allow for the concrete expansion for the roof?
    Thank you
    Ricky Bass


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