2021 Small Residential

Project Statistics

Location: Babylon, New York
Type: Family Home
Size: 3,675 sq. ft. (2,450 conditioned sq. ft.)
ICF Use: 9,020 sq. ft. 
Cost: $900,000 approx.
Total Construction: 80 weeks
ICF Installation Time: 200 days

Construction Team

Owner: Edward Robak
General Contractor: Edward Robak
ICF Installer: Edward Robak
Form Distributor: Edward Robak
Architect: John Notaro, Notaro Grupp Associates
ICF System: InsulaForm

Fast Facts

  • All exterior walls, decks, roof, and some interior walls are ICF
  • The entire property was raised to 7 feet above mean sea level
  • HVAC system includes 100% in-floor radiant heating, (driveway snowmelt) and geothermal air pre-conditioning 
  • Sustainably designed with a flat “cool roof,” triple-paned windows and energy efficient appliances


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