by Ian Giesler

ICF-specific tooling has evolved. In the past few years, many new wall alignment systems as well as many new suppliers of accessory tools and supplies have started up A characteristic of many of these new ICF accessory items is that they were brainstorms from within the industry. 

Even though they may not be the “best solution” to issues, these new innovations are developed to fulfill a need faced by installers.

Many installers have developed homemade tools to make the installation of ICF just that much easier. One simple toolset that a contractor can make in the field is a set of ICF hole saws for cutting penetrations in ICF walls. 

These tools are inexpensive and can be made from discarded materials. This tool idea is not new, but it may be a solution to a new installer of ICF.

Hole saws like the one pictured here are made from a short piece of either Schedule 40 or Schedule 20 PVC pipe. The pipe is serrated at one end and a hole drilled through the other for a piece of short rebar to slide through.

This tool can cut through both of the EPS walls with ease by rotating in a back-and-forth motion similar to an agitator in a washing machine. Obviously, one would want to locate the penetration in a location that does not require cutting the web of the form.

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