2008 MultiFamily

This project shows that ICFs perform exceptionally well even on the largest multi-family projects. This is one of the largest and most ICF-intensive projects on record, with more than 98,000 square feet of floor space, and all exterior and interior walls made with ICFs.

Not simply in-fill walls, ICFs were used to create all the load-bearing walls of this massive, nine-story building. In addition to the sheer size of the project, ICFs were used in innovative ways, such as the radius stairwell walls. They were also used to form the pilasters, simply by using larger size ties with the same thickness panel.

The site was accessible from only one side, and built on an accelerated timeline during a harsh Canadian winter.

It set several firsts for the industry. Not only is it one of the largest ICF buildings in Canada, but it is also the only residential high rise anywhere to have been certified LEED-Platinum. The building, which uses solar power to heat all the water used by the occupants, uses only 25% of the energy a conventional building its size would consume. About 40% of the concrete mix consists of slag produced at a nearby steel mill.

This project has encouraged other developers to take ICFs even higher. A 12-story multi-family complex was recently completed in a nearly town using Nudura ICFs as well. 

Project Statistics 

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Type: 107-Unit Student Dormitory
Size: 98,000 sq. ft. (walls)
ICF Use: All exterior walls plus all demising walls between units
Height: About 86 feet (with intermediate floors)
Cost: $20 million
Total Construction: Oct. ‘06 to Sept. ‘07
ICF Start-to-Finish Time: Jan 2006-Summer 2006

Construction Team 

Owner: Dundern Edge Developments/Robert Manherz 
Architect: R.F. Lintack Architect Inc./Rick Lintack
General Contractor: Dundern Edge Developments/Robert Manherz
ICF Installer and Distributor: Fastform Concrete Forming/Archie Duiker
ICF System: 8” core Nudura, thicker in pilasters


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