Vireo Eco-Luxury Home


The Vireo home is built into a steep lot near the Rocky Mountain foothills, overlooking Boulder, Colo. It was designed from the beginning to offer a maximum of style and luxury with minimal energy consumption. The results speak for themselves: a stunning contemporary residence in a surprisingly compact footprint. The 5,200-square-foot, three story house was constructed on a sloped lot with a 30 foot elevation drop. To complicate matters further, the site contained swelling soils, which required a drilled pier foundation.  Finally, the entire construction timeline was compressed to a mere three months. The 6,400 sq. ft of ICF walls and 1,200 sq. ft of Quad-Deck ICF floor system needed to be installed quickly and flawlessly.




These targeted marketing brochures (2-4 pages), such as Disaster Resistance, Insulation Values, ICF vs. Wood Cost Comparisons, Religious Institutions, Educational Buildings, etc., can be used for trade show pieces or to help give your sales pitch credibility. Customizable with your own company logo and contact information. High quality downloadable pdf files will be sent via email and also in your account downloads section after checkout.

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