Big Box Retail Construction


The last four or five years have not been kind to any segment of the construction industry. But it appears the slowdown has allowed ICF construction to gain a toehold into a few market niches, such as big box retail construction, that have traditionally been dominated by other construction methods.

Big-box retail has been overwhelmingly dominated by tilt-up construction for decades now. It’s cost effective because these buildings have a large slab relative to total wall area. So the tilt-up forms for all the walls are set at once. The concrete comes in all at once, and the crane comes out to the jobsite just once and sets all the walls. Factors that complicate tilt-up—windows, corners, differing wall heights, etc.—are minimal in big box stores.




These targeted marketing brochures (2-4 pages), such as Disaster Resistance, Insulation Values, ICF vs. Wood Cost Comparisons, Religious Institutions, Educational Buildings, etc., can be used for trade show pieces or to help give your sales pitch credibility. Customizable with your own company logo and contact information. High quality downloadable pdf files will be sent via email and also in your account downloads section after checkout.

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