Mar-flex Waterproofing & Building Products is an innovative manufacturer of waterproofing, basement and air barrier products. We supply builders and contractors with a full range of materials and equipment for lower-level-living environments.

The World of Concrete conference showcased several companies that are leading in the digital age of construction. Mar-Flex was one of the pioneering companies to present this year.

Lack of Technology in the Building Industry Today
When it comes to technology, most construction companies are behind where they should be. Many times, this is due to a fear of spending money on technology that workers will refuse to use due to a nostalgia of more traditional methods.Also, adopting technology can be very disruptive regarding its implementation. This is especially critical after the temporary shut down of many companies during 2020. Also, many companies are hesitant about the costs of not only new technology implementation such as wearable technology, different project management software, or even virtual reality, but they are hesitant about transitioning to more green materials and practices.

Use technology that will increase sustainability can be expensive at first, but it is a process that all companies need to head towards. Not only does implementing technology cut costs in the long run, but it also improves efficiency. And for obvious reasons, using more green materials  will be better for the environment and the clients.

World of Concrete is Going Digital
The World of Concrete Trade Show (WOC) was moved to June 7-10 in 2021 due to the CoVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the first in-person events inside of the industry since the shutdown. WOC is one of the largest construction industry’s annual events when it comes to concrete and masonry.

This conference covers anything and everything that deals with concrete from the beginning stages to upkeep and maintenance. Companies from across the world come and give presentations of their products.

This year, WOC decided to make things a little more digital than previous years. For example, you can ride in Teslas in between halls, which would normally be about a ten-minute walk. This is one way WOC is incorporating new technology into the conference. For the first time in WOC history, all passes were completely digital. Best of all, it was the first time you could virtually go through all of the exhibits.

Safety, finding workers, using green materials and practices, and being able to work again were big key points. New technology was one of the main solutions for all of these. Using new devices that could help increase efficiency during the temporary labor shortage and using new tools in order to increase safety were two big factors.

Another big aspect was multimedia and videography. Companies are starting to look into different ways they can use social media and video in order to show off their best work and what they are consistently doing throughout the year. This is an area that several companies have struggled in, but others have really been pioneers in the industry.

Mar-flex’s Next-Gen Marketing Tech
Mar-flex Water Proofing and Building Products, founded in 1984 by Brett Oakley, has been one of the leaders when it comes to developing effective products that are the safest and highest quality in the industry. Oakley’s credits his experience as a volunteer firefighter and helping families who were trapped in their homes during terrible situations as one of the main reasons he has such a passion for creating better quality products that not only promote safety, but also practices it.

Mar-flex is one of the pioneering companies regarding social media and multimedia marketing. While most companies are still only doing email campaigns or mailers, Mar-Flex has gone all in on geofencing and caching. They have created their own in-house geofencing program that allows them to market to people directly through push notifications, emails, display ads, to get one on one contact with potential customers.

Michael McKnight, Business Growth & Marketing Expert, has helped Mar-Flex dominate when it comes to all social media platforms. Mar-flex is number one in the United States regarding waterproofing companies on 13 different social media platforms. Under McKnight’s leadership and tactics, they have skyrocketed to the top. This is something that several building companies have been lacking in for quite some time. Mar-flex’s forward-thinking philosophy has helped them meet the need of clients and engage them better than most others in the industry.

Future of Building Industry
WOC made it very clear, the future of the building industry is newer and better technology and environmentally friendly practices. By using greener materials, the building industry can ensure that they can keep up with our country’s growth, while also protecting the environment.
By making sure products meet LEED standards, companies can help their clients not only stay eco-friendly, but also help them have better, more efficient products that will cut down their energy costs.

Also, using technology and digital means, whether it is in the field or for marketing is the future of the building industry. Several companies were asking around trying to figure out how to better use multimedia marketing to engage with their clients and what new technologies they can implement in order to be more efficient.

Ultimately, companies will be able to provide better products for their clients. Project management programs and design software can help give clients the visual pictures they need to see their project come to life. This will not be an overnight change, but it is the direction that all building companies are trying to head towards.

Mar-flex is Dominating the Tech Movement
Mar-flex is one of the leaders when it comes to this shift towards greener, more-efficient technology. They have products that are mostly made of recyclable materials. As a company, they have shifted to being paperless because it is better for the environment. They are also implementing best practices when it comes to being more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The ShockWave, developed by Mar-flex, is the number one environmentally friendly product in the industry. The ShockWave Drainage and Insolation Board has one of the highest drainage and compression rates on the market. It is composed of 100% recycled material, and it complies with the highest levels of LEED standards. Mar-flex’s ShockWave products has won awards and is leading the way in the industry when it comes to creating greener products.

Some other green products Mar-flex offers is the Armor Membrane 363 Commercial Waterproofing Membrane, Mar-flex 5000 Waterproofing Membrane, Fusion UV Waterproofing Membrane, their GeoMat Drain Rolls, the Drain & Dry Drainage & Insulation Boards, and the Armor Air Barrier 1200p. Thanks to Oakley’s leadership and McKnight’s superb abilities to use digital marketing, this company is leading the way both in advertising and product delivery. It’s no wonder they are ranked as the number one waterproofing company on Google.

Are you looking for waterproofing materials that are high-quality and eco-friendly? You can find out more about Mar-flex at If you have any questions about how to bring your company up to the digital age, especially in regards to geofencing and caching, feel free to reach out to Michael McKnight via LinkedIn or email at

– by Zachery Deleski-Taylor



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