2021 Large Residential

Project Statistics 

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Type: Family Home
Size: 4,194 sq. ft. 
ICF Use: 5,336 sq. ft. 
Cost: $1.2 million
Total Construction: 64 weeks
ICF Installation Time: 68 days

Construction Team 

Owner: Rich and Keri Janoso
General Contractor: Martine Vogel and Daniel Vogel, High Performance Structures, Inc. DBA Open Range Construction
ICF Installer: Daniel Vogel, High Performance Structures
Form Distributor: High Performance Structures DBA Nu-Tech Systems
Engineer: Larry Matejcek, Innovative Engineering
Architect: Martine Vogel, Open Range Construction
ICF System: Fox Blocks

Fast Facts 

  • 2-story radius window wall with views of Pikes Peak
  • Net Zero with 10 kw photovoltaic system and Tesla Powerwall 
  • Accessory suite separated by 8-inch ICF 
  • Designed for an elevator in the future
  • Litedeck attic floor over main house
  • Water-to-water geothermal heating and cooling


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