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How to Upload Files to our FTP Server:

Our FTP Information:

Domain: ftp.icfmag.com
Username: advertising@icfmag.com
Password: icftp456
Using Internet Explorer
You can also use internet explorer's build in feature for drag and drop FTP. This may also work with other browsers like firefox and safari


Click on this link: ftp://advertising@icfmag.com:icftp456@ftp.icfmag.com
or paste into your browsers address bar (ftp://advertising@icfmag.com:icftp456@ftp.icfmag.com )

When prompted enter in the username: advertising@icfmag.com and password icftp456

Using a FTP Client:
We recommend using a FTP Client especially if you are sending larger files because it will handle any hicups in the network and if you get disconnected it will pick up wherever the upload left off.

Good Free FTP Clients:

Smart FTP: http://www.smartftp.com
Core FTP: http://www.coreftp.com

Cyber Duck : http://cyberduck.ch
Transmit: http://www.panic.com/transmit

For questions call:
Craig Shorts
877-229-9174 xt.1
or email craig@icfmag.com