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2010 Light Commercial
Midvag Kindergarten

Project Statistics
Location: Midvag, Faroe Islands
Type: Educational-Kindergarten, Public
Cost: $4.9 million
Size: 19,400 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use: 22,100 sq. ft. (all exterior walls)

Project Timeline:
Total Construction: 540 days
ICF Start-to-Finish Time: 37 days

Construction Team
Owner: Municipality of Vaga
Architect/Engineer: Westtech SpF
ICF Installer: Dalsbo SpF
ICF Distributor: Kubbi qb
ICF System: Quad-Lock ICF/Bracing by Monobrace

Fast Facts

  • Remote location; jobsite located halfway between Norway and Iceland
  • ICFs chosen to resist some of the world's worst weather conditions
  • Unpoured walls survived 70 mph winds unscathed
  • 130 and 115 degree angles throughout, including walls to 38 feet tall.
  • 4" outer panel ensures exceptional energy performance
  • High-profile job received "extensive, enthusiastic" coverage from print and broadcast media.


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