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2008 Best MultiFamily
West Village

Project Statistics

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Type: 107-Unit Student Dormitory
Size: 98,000 sq. ft. (walls)
ICF Use:, All exterior walls plus all demising walls between units
Height: About 86 feet (with intermediate floors)
Cost: $20 million

Project Timeline
Total Construction: Oct 2006 to Sept-2007
ICF Start-to-Finish Time: Jan 2007-Summer 2007

Construction Team
Owner: Dundern Edge Developments/
Robert Manherz
Architect: R.F. Lintack Architect Inc./Rick Lintack
General Contractor: Same as Owner
ICF Installer: Fastform Concrete Forming/
Archie Duiker
ICF Distributor: Same as installer
ICF System: 8” core Nudura, thicker in pilasters

Fast Facts

  • Radius Stairwell walls formed with ICFs
  • Pilasters formed from ICF panels with larger size ties
  • ICF Install during Canadian winter
  • Accelerated Timeline
  • Site accessible from only one side
  • LEED Platinum Certification
  • Solar water heating,
  • Concrete mix uses 40% local steel slag
  • Heating and cooling savings of 75%
  • Largest Building in Canada, and only residential high rise, to earn LEED-Platinum
  • Project led directly to a 12-story high-rise, also built with Nudura ICFs
  • Biggest Problem was finding small HVAC units


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