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Sept/Oct 2017

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September/October 2017
ICFs and Disaster Resistance

Insulated Concrete Forms withstand man-made calamities just as well as they do natural disasters.

Project Profile: West High School
After a devastating industrial accident destroyed much of the town, this Texas community rebuilt their combined middle school and high school with blast-resistant ICFs.

Project Profile: Pierce County Readiness Center
This multi-purpose military building in Washington state meets the highest force protection requirements and green building standards, thanks largely to ICF technology.

Termites and ICF
Termites are a major concern in many areas of the U.S. Here are the facts about protecting above- and below-grade ICFs in areas of heavy termite infestation.

Project Profile: Florida Hurricane Home
Built to net-zero standards, this Florida home took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew as it neared completion, and survived with minimal damage.

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July/August 2017
ICF 101 For Subcontractors

A basic overview of ICF construction for the trades, including electrical, plumbing, drywall, and exterior finishes.

Project Profile: Kuebitz Residence
Featuring a Moroccan-style courtyard, this fireproof net-zero home replaces one lost in a wildfire.

Project Profile: Eck Lane Residence
ICFs were used for virtually every wall of this stunning Texas home, including several multi-story radius walls and a skybridge.

Project Profile: Coca-Cola Pavilion
Built adjacent to Walt Disney World, this high-profile project was built on an extremely tight lot with unique scheduling issues.

ICF Product Directory
A special section of paid advertising containing a directory of ICFs and accessory products, organized by category with company contact information.

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May/June 2017
Project Profile: Shelving Rock

This remarkably functional and beautiful home also meets two demanding design criteria. It's a DOE-registered Net-Zero Ready home and also meets aging-in-place guidelines.

Effective Waterproofing for ICFs
By Brian Corder
A thorough review of the options for waterproofing above- and below-grade ICFs, including spray-applied coatings, membranes, dimple sheets, and integral concrete admixtures.

Green Building in the Commercial Sector
By Kenny Stanfield
Having designed several of the nation's most sustainable commercial buildings, Kenny Stanfield explains how ICFs' attributes contributed to achieving maximum sustainability.

Project Profile: South Warren High School
One of the nation's largest ICF projects, this combined high school and middle school campus is also one of the nation's most efficient. Yet it features stunning aesthetics and was built at an extremely affordable cost.

Project Profile: Graymoor Friary
Built as housing and worship space for a New York religious order, this five-story building is expected to last for centuries, and was built from the top down.

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March/April 2017
ICF Builder Award Winners 2017
Highlighting the very best ICF projects in recent years. Judges selected a winner and runner-up in ten categories.

Project Profile: Howell Residence
Thanks to a team of expert ICF installers, this complex home design was made a reality on a congested and highly visible lot in the hills overlooking Phoenix.

ICF Comparison Chart
Updated and corrected information on every all-foam ICF system currently on the market.

Project Profile: Carrell Estate Home
Built through the recession, this 29,000-sq.-ft. home is designed to withstand 160 mph winds without compromising on luxury living.

Project Profile: Holiday Inn Express
Built on a "postage stamp" lot, this eight story hotel is the tallest building in downtown Louisville, Ky. ICFs allowed
it to open six months early.

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January/February 2017
Market Report and 2017 Industry Forecast
A steady construction recovery and better promotional efforts have made the past year among the best in the decade for the ICF industry. Trends indicate another year of modest growth ahead.

Comparison Chart and Explanation
A fully revised and updated ICF Comparison Chart, along with a list of EPS decking options.

Alternate Stay-in Place Forming Systems
A number of other stay-in place forms are on the market, including vinyl forms, blocks made from waste wood, and composite ICBs, which are made from EPS and cement.

Project Profile: Panella Residence
With dozens of windows and corners, a three-story hexagonal tower, and a "river loop" HVAC system, this home demonstrates how ICFs combine innovative design with cutting edge technology.

Project Profile: Christian Life Center
A highly visible site and unique architecture—including multiple curved walls topping 34 feet and metallic finishes—make this Ohio worship center noteworthy.

Project Profile: Holiday Inn Conference Center
Crews stacked 10,000 sq. ft. per week for months in order to finish this massive conference and event space on the outskirts of Cincinnati.

Fifty Years of Innovation
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the first ICF company. Since that time, the industry has evolved and developed in remarkable ways.

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November/December 2016
Commercial Hotspots: Arizona
Robust population growth, an extreme climate, and
clients who believe in the long-term value of ICFs have
made Arizona a hotbed of commercial ICF construction.

Project Profile: Our Lady of Sorrows Church
Combining traditional architecture with cutting-edge building techniques, this building demonstrates why
ICFs have become so popular in the Southwest.

Project Profile: Uniontown Hilton Garden Inn
By combining micro-rebar, steel-web flooring, and panelized ICF walls, this project has taken integrated design and value engineering to the next level.

Project Profile: Washington Street Offices
This three-story office building in New Hampshire is one indication that ICFs are gaining respect in the region.

Project Profile: Heninger Toyota Dealership
ICFs provided this Calgary auto dealership with a durable and efficient wall system to match the other state-of-art components it contains inside.

»


September/October 2016
Build With Strength By Robert Garbini
A new marketing initiative by the NRMCA offers immediate benefits for ICF contractors and may be the key to finally opening the mid-rise sector to the industry.

Weatherproof Window Bucks By Douglas Bennion
A newly-published study reports the results of a multi-year testing effort to determine the best ways to install window bucks in ICF walls. The "best practice" recommendations are expected to be incorporated into building codes in the coming years.

Project Profile: Health City Caymans
This world-class Caribbean hospital is one of the first uses of ICF in the medical sector. Built to U.S. standards, it hopes to transform health care, being completed for half the cost and in half the time of similar buildings built in North America.

Project Profile: Kauder Residence
Built in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, this all-ICF Delaware home resists storms, generates as much energy as it uses, and was built on a budget equivalent to stick-frame construction.

Project Profile: Hansen Home
This beautiful two-story residence in the Midwest has the ability to withstand a wide variety of natural disasters, thanks to the foam-and-concrete wall and floor system used.

Project Profile: Resort Boulevard
Modeled after the estates found along the French and Spanish Riviera, the Resort Boulevard home has an aura of grace and elegance that will stand the test of time.

»


July/August 2016
ICF Construction 101
A basic overview of ICF construction and design considerations.

Project Profile: The House of Bryan 3
Perhaps the best-known residential ICF project yet built, construction of this 5,000-sq.-ft. Canadian home was the topic of a TV series that garnered a half million viewers
per episode.

Project Profile: Clayton Residence
With 21 different wall heights and nearly every wall built to a radius, the crew that built this enormous Arizona mansion demonstrated the highest level construction expertise.

ICF Product Directory
A special section of paid advertising containing a directory of ICFs and accessory products, organized by category with company contact information.

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May/June 2016
Heat Transfer and ICF Walls
By Larry Reid
A technical look at how heat moves through the ICF wall assembly, and why they perform so much better than simple R-Value ratings indicate.

Reaching LEED-Platinum with ICFs
To achieve the highest level of green building certification, Insulated Concrete Forms are increasingly becoming the wall system of choice.

Project Profile: Ecologia Montreal
This cutting-edge home is the first LEED-Platinum home
in Quebec, and has received extensive media coverage for
its exceptionally efficient technology and avant-garde
design aesthetic.

Project Profile: Palermo Vista
Consisting of sixteen duplex-style townhomes, this stunning ICF development set new standards for sustainability, certified as LEED-Platinum. ICFs also helped simplify construction challenges.

Project Profile: Park City Film Studios
With fifty-foot tall walls, an incredibly tight construction schedule, and remarkable acoustics, this Utah sound stage facility generates green, while being green.

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March/April 2016
Project Profile: Maison de la Pomme
Modeled after the classic French estates of centuries past, this beautiful home gets top marks in design, craftsmanship, and durability.

Overcoming Contractor Challenges, Part 1&2
By Pieter Vanderwerf
The author surveyed 15 experienced ICF contractors on the industry's biggest challenges, and how to overcome them. Part two will appear in the May issue.

Project Profile: Calzada Chapel and Pool House
This one-of-a-kind home addition includes multiple innovative ICF construction techniques including deliberately canted two-story walls and a barrel-vault roof formed with EPS decking.

Project Profile: Shade Residence
Built on a steeply sloped lot overlooking San Francisco Bay, this four-level Spanish-style home is not only beautiful, but durable enough to last through the millenium.

ICF Builder Award Winners 2016
Highlighting the best-of-the-best ICF projects, judges selected a winner and two runners up in each category.

Small Residential: Shade Residence
Large Residential: House of Bryan
Unlimited Residential: Clayton Residence
Light Commercial: Our Lady of Sorrows Church
Heavy Commercial: Health City Caymans Hospital
MultiFamily: Holiday Inn and Conference Center
Specialty Applications: Calzada Pool and Chapel

»


January/February 2016
What to See at WOC
An ICF professional's guide to the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, including educational events, exhibits relevant to the industry, and the ICF Builder Awards.

Comparison Chart and Explanation
A fully revised and updated ICF Comparison Chart, along with a list of EPS decking options. This year's edition also includes alternative stay-in place forms including wood waste, EPS/cement, and vinyl.

Market Report and 2016 Industry Forecast
Brand consolidation has taken a break, and the construction recovery has made 2015 the best in years for the industry. Additionally, new trade associations are making significant progress in improving the reputation and visibility of ICFs.

Project Profiles: Built to Last
From a stunning church in Florida to a breathtaking home in British Columbia, with a mid-western hotel in between, ICFs show they can successfully tackle the most challenging projects anywhere.
     511 Craigmohr
     St. Peter's Anglican Church
     Wallhouse Hotel

»


November/December 2015
Efficient Heating and Cooling
Geothermal HVAC, mini A/C units and in-floor hydronic heating are just a few of the state-of-the-art heating and cooling technologies that mesh well with ICFs.

The New LEED
A few years ago, the U.S. Green Building Council significantly revised their LEED rating system.The new version, LEED v4, is so radically different from previous versions that it was being phased in over 18 months, becoming mandatory in May.

Project Profiles: Commercial Success
Three major commercial projects—a soaring Texas church, a 19-story apartment complex, and an innovative sporting goods store—show how ICF construction is an elegant solution to vexing commercial construction problems.
      Richmond Street Apartments
      Trinity United Methodist Church
      Cabela's Retail Store

Tools for ICF Professionals
The right tool makes any job easier. From hand tools to bracing, here's what the experts recommend every professional installer should have on hand.

»


September/October 2015
Stormproof Roofing
Based on lessons learned from the 2013 Oklahoma tornados, we review "best practice" roof installation standards to ensure occupants and their belongings are protected from the storm as well as options for concrete roofing.

Project Profile: Inner Strength
These two homes and a private school meet the highest standards for looks, durability, and efficiency. One is "triple certified" by the USGBC, IHBS, and the DOE.
     Hanawalt Residence
      Durable Energy Builder Home
      Morning Star Academy

Standing Up to Man-made Disasters
Last year's tragic gas explosion in New York City revealed jut how strong ICFs are. They've also withstood high-speed car collisions, machine-gun fire, and even massive charges of TNT placed just meters from the walls.

»


July/August 2015
Advantages of EPS
This introduction to Insulated Concrete Forms explains the science behind ICFs and how the combination of foam and concrete is key to their remarkable attributes.

Project Profile: Beauty For Any Budget
These three winning projects—an affordable housing complex, a high-end custom home, and a small Texas residence—show how ICFs can be used successfully with virtually any architectural style and budget.
   Lakeside Residences
   Simon/Harris Home
   Robertson Home

ICF Product Directory
This special advertorial section, a directory of ICFs and accessory products, is organized by category and contains company contact information.

»


May/June 2015
ICFs and the Life-Cycle Assessment
As life cycle assessment becomes a common way of measuring a structure's environmental impact, ICFs are positioned well to capitalize on this trend. Low energy costs, disaster resistance, and recyclability make this construction method one of the greenest building technologies on the planet.

Project Profile: Fire Station #108
Building on the success of two other ICF firehouses, Las Vegas Fire Station 108 sets a new standard for efficiency and comfort.

Project Profile: Shore Road Project
Winner of a DOE Zero Energy Award, this stunning ICF home is garnering extensive media coverage for its exceptionally efficient technology and classic design aesthetic.

Project Profile: The Preserve
This nine-home all ICF development midway between New York City and Albany
was certified LEED-Gold despite an accelerated timeline and standard "production home" budget.

Ten Years of ICF Builder: A Look Back
The ICF industry has changed dramatically since the first issue of this magazine was published. The major transition points were covered in the pages of ICF Builder.

»


March/April 2015
Report on the International Builder Show
By Robert Klob

Project Profile: Musgrave Agencies
Winter construction in Northern Alberta can be challenging, but this office building shows it can be done without major increases in the timeline or budget.

Project Profile: Knoxville Residence
Cutting-edge technology combines with state-of-the-art construction techniques to create a home of rustic beauty and remarkable efficiency.

Project Profile: Janecek Residence
Rising more than 71 feet above the footer and using more than 1,000 yards of concrete, this magnificent residence proves disaster-resistance does not have to compromise with luxury.

ICF Builder Award Winners 2014
Highlighting the best-of-the-best ICF projects, judges selected a winner and two runners-up in each category.

  • MultiFamily: Richmond Street Apts.
  • Small Residential: Shore Road Project
  • Large Residential: Durable Energy Home
  • Unlimited Residential: Janecek Residence
  • Light Commercial: Fire Station #108
  • Heavy Commercial: St. Peter's Anglican Church

»


January/February 2015
Trade Show Report and Preview
A report on Greenbuild 2014 and Construct Canada, as well as what to expect at the International Builder Show and World of Concrete, both of which will be held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Market Report and 2015 Industry Forecast
A recovery in construction, brand consolidation, and a new trade association are just a few of the factors that are affecting the ICF industry.

Comparison Chart and Explanation
The ICF Comparison Chart is back again, along with a list of EPS decking options. The charts are introduced by a concise, illustrated guide to help determine which form is best for your project.

"Composite ICF" Comparison
Different from their all-EPS cousins, these forms are made of EPS/cement, polyurethane, vinyl, and even wood waste. Their unique construction gives them several advantages.

Project Profiles: The Unlimited Residential Winners
These amazing custom homes demonstrate ICFs can build impressively resilient, sustainable homes in a variety of architectural styles.
     Owen White Cottage and Boathouse
     Hoffman Residence
     Chatham II, Fortune Residence

»


November/December 2014:
ICFs Reach New Heights
Waterloo, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario is a hotbed of ICF construction, setting new records for the tallest, biggest, and most ICF intensive projects yet built.

Fly Ash Concrete and ICFs
A byproduct of coal combustion, this concrete additive was considered an eco-friendly alternative to Portland cement until the EPA threatened to classify it as a hazardous material. Here are the facts on that debate as well as how the material performs in ICFs.

Project Profiles: Small Residential Winners
Despite a wide variety of climates and architectural styles, these three homes, each under 3,000 sq. ft., set high marks for beauty, efficiency and durability.
     Burnham Project, Ontario
     Sedona Residence, Arizona
     Artist Studio, California

»


September/October 2014:
Solutions to Tough Bracing Issues
Bracing companies have developed innovative solutions that make it easier and faster than ever to ensure walls stay straight, level, and plumb on pour day, even on big, complex projects.

Withstanding Nature's Fury
Adapted from a presentation made at the 2014 National Hurricane Conference, ICFs can ensure occupants and their belongings are protected from the storm--even tornadoes.

Riverside and Fortified
Designed to withstand Mother Nature's worst, this Alabama home blends seamlessly with its surroundings while reducing energy bills significantly, too.

Project Profiles: Large Residential Winners
These three houses demonstrate how ICFs can be used to create beautiful homes despite challenges that include crescent-shaped floor plans, radius walls, and steeply-sloped lots.
     Forth Worth Residence, Texas
     Curly House, West Sussex, U.K.
     Vireo Luxury Home, Colorado

»


July/August 2014:
Retail Distribution: A Report
Insulated Concrete Forms are usually sold through specialty distributors, but an increasing number of brands are sold at home centers, lumberyards, and building material suppliers.

International ICFs: The Caribbean
This fourth article in a series looks at the ICF industry in the Caribbean, and spotlights a few recent developments that indicate the direction of the industry in this area.

Project Profiles: The MultiFamily Winners
These three projects were the winning MultiFamily projects at the 2013 ICF Builder Awards. They are among the largest and tallest ICF projects ever built.
     Hotel L'Esterel
     Ricchi Condos
     Waterloo 22-Story Dormitory

ICF Product Directory
This special advertorial section includes listings for leading ICFs and accessory products, organized by category and containing company contact information.

»


May/June 2014:
Healthy Air for Tight Homes
ICF structures can be remarkably airtight.

Research Report: Moisture Infiltration and Windows Bucks
For the first time, a research laboratory has tested and analyzed the air leakage allowed by various window buck systems.

Project Profiles: The Light Commercial Winners
For long-term owners, ICF's green features and energy efficiency are strong selling points. These award-winning projects—two churches and a bank—are excellent examples.

Foam Decking Systems: A Comparison
EPS decking products have become increasingly popular, with a half-dozen brands on the market.

»


March/April 2014:
ICF Builder Award Winners 2013
Highlighting the best-of-the-best ICF Projects, judges
selected a winner and two runners up in each category.
  Small Residential: Burnham Residence
  Large Residential: Fort Worth Residence
  Unlimited Residential: Fortune Residence
  MultiFamily: Waterloo 22-Story Dormitory
  Light Commercial: All Saints Catholic Newman Center

Project Profiles: The Heavy Commercial Winners
These three winners—a school, a theater, and a office complex—showcase
the quality of heavy commercial work being built today.
  Augustus Plaza
  Miller 15-Plex Theater
  Academy at Nola Dunn

»


January/February 2014:
ICF News Roundup
Trade Show Report and Preview
2013 ICF Market Report and Industry Forecast
Comparison Charts
Insulating Concrete Forms
EPS Decking Forms
Alternative Stay-in-Place Forms
The Unlimited Residential Winners
ICF Promotion

»


November/December 2013:
ICF News Roundup
Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
Project Profiles: Heavy Commercial Winners
   Glasgow High School, Kentucky
   Richardsville Elementary, Kentucky
   New Founders Hall, Arizona
Cold Weather Concrete Pours

»


September/October 2013:
ICF News Roundup
Disaster Resistance Update
Project Profiles:
      The Small Residential Winners
      Zemke Residence
      Kay Residence
ICF's In The Tilt-Up Market

»


July/August 2013:
ICF News Roundup
ICF Swimming Pools
Project Profiles:
MultiFamily Winners
     Cornerview Apartments
     New Casa
     Commons at Sea Shell
International ICFs: Australia
ICF Product Directory

»


May/June 2013:
ICF News Roundup
Extreme R-Value: Going Beyone R-30
Moisture and ICFs: The Facts
Project Profiles:
     The Large Residential Winners
     Nashville Home
     Riverton Legacy Home
     San Pietro Home
Energy Codes and ICF's

»


March/April 2013:
ICF News Roundup
Net-Zero In The Commercial Sector
Social Networking
Project Profiles:
     The Light Commercial Winners
     Las Vegas Fire Station #107
     Hebert et Fils Funeral Home
     Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD
ICF Builder Award Winners 2012
     Small Residential
     Large Residential
     Unlimited Residential
     Heavy Commercial

»


January/February 2013:
ICF News Roundup
Trade Show Report and Preview
2012 ICF Market Report and Industry Forecast      
Comparison Charts
     Insulating Concrete Forms
     EPS Decking Forms
     Alternative Stay-in-Place Forms
Project Profiles:
     The Unlimited Residential Winners
          Thirty Four Collins Avenue
          Maryland Net Zero Home
Geocomposites for ICF Foundations

»


November/December 2012:
ICF News Roundup
Project Profiles:
Heavy Commercial Winners
Colony Square
Seton Catholic High School
Bahamas Library
ICFs and Big Box Retail Construction
ICF Megahome in the Ozarks
Tips For A Safe And Efficient Pour
            By Christi Collins

»


September/October 2012:
ICF News Roundup
Foam Inserts For Exceptional R-Value
Turnbuckle Bracing: A Market Comparison
ICF Bracing Comparison Chart
Project Profiles:
     Small Residential Winners
          Groves Residence, Texas
          Graves Residence, Indiana
          Quilter  Residence, California
Tornado-Proof Housing
By Kenneth Luttrell and Joseph C.E. Warnes
Who Will Promote ICFs?
By Pieter Vanderwerf

»


July/August 2012:
ICF News Roundup
2012 ICF Builder Award Contest Begins
ICF Product Directory
Project Profiles:
    MultiFamily Winners
    Oakville Mews
    Valley Lofts
    Spice Condominiums
International ICFs: The Middle East
When Tech Assistance is Needed Most

»


May/June 2012:
Air Exchangers and Energy Efficiency
Project Profile: Large Residential Winners
   Teague Residence
   Golf Residence
   Hurry Back Home
Temperature Wicking: Myth Or Reality

»


March/April 2012:
ICF News Roundup
ICF Builder Award Winners 2011
Project Profiles:
The Light Commercial Winners
Buckeye Valley Fire Station  
Cascade Meadows  
Kiowa County Commons
The ICF Tipping Point
 By Cameron Ware

»


January/February 2012:
ICF News Roundup
2011 ICF Market Report and 2012 Forecast
Comparison Charts and Explanation
Project Profiles:
The Unlimited Residential Winners
Wallace Residence
Huff Residence
The Mothership
On Business:
Growth Through Social Media

»


October/November 2011:
ICF News Roundup
In Memorium
Project Profiles:
     The Heavy Commercial Winners
     Village Suites
     Immaculate Conception Church
     Alamosa School
Abuse-Resistant Finishes
Earthworks: An Untapped Market
     Winnipeg Zoo
     Caribbean Sea Wall
     Midwest Floodwall
     Old World-Style Garden Wall

»


August/September 2011:
ICF News Roundup
2011 ICF Builder Awards
Fire Retardants and EPS
Project Profiles:
         The Light Commercial Winners
                    Maertz Cottage
                    Voitehovich Residence
                    Selkirk Boathouse
Sound Attenuation: An Overlooked Benefit
Window Bucks: A Market Comparison
Design Perspectives:
The Architect's Responsibility
          By Robert Klob
Green Building: Update on the Competition Part 3
          By Pieter Vanderwerf

»


June/July 2011:

ICF News
2011 ICF Product Directory
Download the Product Directory
International ICFs: Great Britain
Project Profiles:
The Light Commercial Winners
St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
Buchanan Science Center
Midvag Kindergarten
Portable ICF Manufacturing Plants
The Best Green Dollar
By Cameron Ware
Equip Yourself for Success
By Randy Wilkerson

»


April/May 2011:

ICF News
Taking Advantage of the Green Revolution
P roject Profiles:
     Large Residential Winners
     Green Dream Home
     Park-Raines Residence
     Salero Residence
Build Your Business with Bracing
Better, Faster Footings
     By Richard Fearn
Taking Your Residential Business Commercial
     By Ian Giesler
The Architect's Perspective
     By Robert Klob

»


February/March 2011:

ICF News
ICF BuilderAward Winners 2010
Project Profiles: The Multifamily Winners
    Wolf Springs Resort
    Oak Haven Development
    Villa Rose Condominiums
History of ICFs
Concrete Consolidation
Update on the Competition: Tilt-Up
     By Pieter VanderWerf

»


December 2010/January 2011:

2011 Industry Forecast
Form and Decking Comparison Charts
Trade Show report and Preview
R-Value vs. U-Value

»


October/November 2010:

News Roundup
Hotel Chains Building With ICFs
Floor Joists to Speed Construction
Understanding Steel Schedules
Rebar Cutters and Benders
Green Building: Recovery ICF Style (part 4)
By Pieter Vanderwerf
Manufacturers vs. Distributors
By Robert Klob

»


August/September 2010:

ICF Developments
Disaster-Proof Replacement Housing
The Real Cost of Using ICFs
Seismic Resistance

»

June/July 2010:

ICF News Roundup
The 2010 ICF Builder Awards
Project Profile: Banking on the Future
Foam Differences
ICF Product Directory
Talking Business: Job Costing
By Randy Wilkerson
Contractors’ Corner: Direct Applied Finishes
By Ian Giesler
Green Building: The New Energy Reality Part 3
By Pieter Vanderwerf

»

April/May 2010:

ICF News Roundup
Fox Blocks Adds Staff
Remodels and Retrofits
     Case Study: Monte Vista Addition
     Case Study: East Bay Suites
Vertical ICFs
     Case Study: Carew Residence
Business Planning Part 1 & 2 By Randy Wilkerson
Structural Engineering By Robert Klob
Contractors’ Corner: Direct Applied Finishes 1& 2
By Ian Giesler
Green Building: The New Energy Reality Part 2
By Pieter Vanderwerf

»

February/March 2010:

ICF News Roundup
2008 ICF Builder Award Winners
Convincing Architects to Specify CMU
Plan for Success
ICF Myths vs. Reality

»

December 2009/January 2010:

ICF News Roundup
LEED-Platinum Habitat Home
Comparison Charts
     Foam ICF Chart
     EPS Decking Chart
     Non-Traditional ICF Chart
2009 ICF Market Report and Forecast
Contractor Report on ICFA Expo

»

October/November 2009:

ICF News Roundup
Four Inch ICF Walls
High-Rise Hotel
Rebuilding ICFs for Religious Construction
Self Consolidating Concrete 
Get Involved in Politics
Efficiency vs. Recycled

»

August/September 2009:

ICF News Roundup
Wind Resistance and ICFs
Gulf Coast ICF Update
Whatever Happened To…
Rebuilding Greensburg
Taking Advantage of the Stimulus

»

June/July 2009:

ICF News Roundup
Incentives for ICFs
ICF Builder Awards
Bracing 101
Interior Finishing Options
Built Without Sound
ICF Product Directory

»

April/May 2009:

ICF News Roundup
ICFs: The Only Green Concrete
Integrating Green Technologies
Project Profile:
   Custom Homes LEED to Green
Insulated Storage Facilities

»

February/March 2009:

ICF News
Builder Show Report
2008 ICF Builder Award Winners
How To: Installing Utilities After The Drywall
Greening Our Schools
ICF Design 101

»

December 2008/January 2009:

ICF News Roundup
Clarification: Vinyl Siding as a Disaster Resistant Finish
ICFA Expo Report
Murphy Honored for Career Contributions
IBS Preview
World of Concrete Preview
ICF Comparison Chart and Explanation
2008 Market Report
2009 Industry Forecast
Project Profile: La Concha Pearl

»

October/November 2008:

Commercial Sector: Growth and Opportunities
Taking Your ICF Business Commercial
Knockdown vs. Molded
Project Profile: Brownstones at Maywood Park
ICF News Roundup

»

August/September 2008:

Fireproof ICFs
Sloped Concrete Roofs
Total Concrete Shells
Disaster-Resistant Finishes
Arxx Acquires PolySteel
ICF News Roundup

»

June/July 2008:

2008 ICF Builder Awards
      Entry Notebook
      Competition Rules
      Judging Criteria
Ease of ICF Construction
Project Profile: Volunteer Fire Station
Panelizing ICFs
How To: Wet-Setting the First Course
ICF Floors have Arrived
ICF News Roundup

»

April/May 2008:

ICF News Roundup
PolySteel Celebrates 30 Years
The New Face of Arxx
Performance R-Value: Side-by-Side Comparisons
ICFs and SIPs: Completing the Envelope
Zero Energy Homes
Five Steps to A Successful ZEH
Technologies that Complement ICFs

»

February/March 2008:

ICF News Roundup
2007 ICF Builder Award Winners
» Large Residential
» Small Residential
» Multi-Family
» Light Commercial
» Heavy Commercial
» Judges' Scores
Fear No Design
Converting Home Plans to ICF

»

December 2007/January 2008:

ICF News Roundup
ICFA Fall Meeting Report
Interview with Steve Heller
WOC Preview
ICFs on TV
Code Compliance
Comparison Chart
The Greenest ICFs are Gray
2008 Industry Forecast
Project Profile: New Southern Home
Contractors' Biggest Problems

»

October/November 2007:

ICF News Roundup
Best Heavy Commercial Projects
Project Profiles
Commercial Sector
ICFs and Schools
Floors and Decking
Case Study:
Residences at Mont Blanc
Tallest ICF Walls Poured Yet
Bracing and Consolidation Tips

»

August/September 2007:

ICF News Roundup
Standing Up to the Storm
Windows to Stop Disaster
Home on Pilings
Best Light Commercial Projects
Maximize Your ICF Business

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June/July 2007: PRINT SOLD OUT
(PDF Download Available Only)

ICF News Roundup
Construction Financing for Owner/Builders
Project Profile: Casitas Vera Cruz
Wall Finishes...
Underslab Moisture Barriers
Getting it Right the First Time

»

April/May 2007:

ICF News Roundup
Energy Efficient Mortgages
Green Building
2007 Builder Awards

How To:
Air Exchangers

»

February/March 2007:

ICF Builder Award Winners 2006
Industry News Roundup
What Does an ICF Really Cost
Finding and Training ICF Contractors

How To:
Installing Siding over ICFs

»

December 2006/January 2007:

Trade Show Preview
HVAC Sizing Software
How To: Brick & Stone
Cold Weather
2007 Industry Forecast
End of a Fragmented Industry?
Finding the Perfect ICF
Advantages of Composite ICFs

»

October/November 2006:

New Database
Energy Efficient ICFs
         » Case Studies
Project Profile: Grand Caribbean
Radiant Heat
Getting a Level Footing
Green Rooftops
Her Definition of Efficiency 

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August/Sept 2006: PRINT SOLD OUT
(PDF Download Available Only)

Profitable Production Housing
Installing Floor Joists
Megaplex 20
Green Housing
Rebuilding the Gulf Coast
Hurricane-Proof Homes
Saved From a Tornado
»

June/July 2006:

Second Annual ICF Builder Awards
Project Profile:
Castle in Connecticut
Wall Finishes for Commercial Construction
How To: Window and Door Details
Becoming an ICF Distributor
New Brochure For Commercial ICFs
New ICF Brand: Fox Blocks

»

April/May 2006:

Waterproofing for Below Grade Walls
Dimpled Membranes
Peel-and-Stick Systems
Consolidating Concrete Correctly
Taking ICFs to the Max
Right-Sizing Your HVAC System

»

February/March 2006:

ICF Builder Award Winners,
Correct Concrete Placement,
Options for Wall Bracing

»

December 2005/January 2006:

Industry Forecast, Comparison Chart,
Concrete Decking and Roofing, R-Value, Connecting Framed Walls

»

October/November 2005:

Installing Electrical Systems, ICFA Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Industry Timeline

»

Aug/Sept 2005:

International ICFs
Project Spotlight: Cornerstone Church
Vinyl Window Bucks
Choosing ICFs

»

June/July 2005:

Keys to a Great Stucco Finish
Project Spotlight: Residence in the Rockies
Waterproofing Below-Grade ICFs
Infill Housing: An Overlooked Opportunity

»

April/May 2005:

Installing Wooden Window Bucks
Project Spotlight: Circle Pines
ICFs in the Far North
Finding Plans for ICF Construction

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