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“If you manufacture or market a product for the insulating concrete forms industry, you simply will not find a more efficient, effective way to reach your audience."

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ICF BUILDER is the most cost-effective advertising vehicle
to reach the ICF industry.

For more than 10 years, we have fine-tuned our subscription base and distribution plan to ensure you receive the maximum return on your marketing dollar.

Our circulation consists of 30,000 print and digital copies, including virtually every ICF professional in North America, including virtually every ICF distributor and professional installer in North America. Nearly half our print readership has taken an ICF training course within the last 10 years. That's 10,000 individuals that have taken the time to seriously investigate ICF construction.

Another 10,000 readers are com­mercial contractors, custom homebuilders, foundation installers and others considered most likely to become interested in ICF building.

Finally, because we recognize that success in the commercial arena means convincing architects of the ICF value proposition, our circulation includes 10,000 architects and design professionals.

In addition to our qualified circulation, thousands of ex­tra copies are distributed at ICF training seminars and trade shows. In the past few years, these shows have included Greenbuild, World of Concrete, Construct Canada, and the International Builder Show.

Each edition is read by an average of three individuals, which means your message has the potential to reach 90,000+ interested, relevant readers.

Geographically, we reach all 50 states and Canada, and more than a dozen foreign countries, but most of our readership is concentrated in those areas where ICF construction is growing most quickly.

We also maintain a highly popular ICF website, a builder directory, and recently launched a trade association for ICF installers. Between our print platform, digital edition, and highly-ranked website, we feel confident that you will receive a better return on your marketing dollar by advertising in this magazine than any other publica­tion on the market.

Why ICF Builder? Because we are the most cost-effective advertising vehicle for the ICF industry.

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Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Please send a laser proof with file.

Color images should be saved in CMYK format. Please convert images to CMYK color before creating PDF.


Raster file resolution needs to be 300 dpi or better in TIF or EPS format. Include all placed and embedded graphics unless saving as a PDF.

Summit Publishing does not assume responsibility for poor reproduction of non-compliant images.

Do not trap images.

Fonts not supplied with digital submissions will be matched to the closest possible fonts available.

Additional Services:
Inserts, polybagging, and other services are available upon request.

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